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ยป News Archives - Woah!

November 1st, 2006, 3:47 pm


I just logged on and was like, "Hey, I think I'll go check my site stats..." Then I was like, "WOAH!" The number of votes went from 23 to 37! Thats so great! And it totally inpsires me to work harder! ^.^ I also realized that now I owe you all some more fan service(I promised another when I had 30 votes). So that will be up by Sunday =^o^=

I also came to apologize for the billionth time T_T I don't have an update for you all today like usual due to school and other stuff. Its like this: Homework + trick-or-treating + field trip + school play + pracrastination = Retarded creator and no update ^.^' But to make it up to you I'll be posting Justin in a Bunny suit, and possibly 2 pages on Sunday! Yay! I also gotta make fanart for some of those awsome creators out there who's yaoi I adore! ^.~ So thank you all for sticking with me and voting! Once I have 55 votes I will draw the character of your choice in a)Lengerie b)Cosplay or c)with another character(from any manga or show)...so ig you guys have suggestions please comment them here and I'll use them! Chao! ^.^

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