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June 14th, 2007, 1:49 pm

The Latest News Broadcast

Hey Everyone! Well its time for a news update so here we go! I'll start with the fanart section. I have received to lovely pieces latley so you should go check them out! One from manga artist Yoko Molotov(she is so amazing guys) and the other from Jaana a fellow webmanga artist! =3 If anyone has fanart to submit you are welcome to email, comment a link or pm it to me at any time!

Next up on the list is the links/banners page! On that page there are banners you can use to put on your site and there is also an area for me to post
your links! If you would like to trade links contact me =) Also if anyone would like to either make me an an avatar or banner or help me figure out how to make a banner link to a site, that would be amazing! =D

I am having another contest! However it will not be a fanart contest! This will be a COSPLAY contest!

Now I know many of you are sighing now and upset because you think its too hard but here are some tips that will help you:

Cosplaying Jesse: For this one you will either need to have pink hair or access to a pink wig(doesn't matter weither its long or short). Part you hair in the middle and if its lonf put it in a loose pony tail hiding the rest behind you back so that it looks short. Closet cosplay is fine but it would be awesome if you went all out! =)

Cosplaying Justin: You'll need either dark hair or a dark wig. Like mentioned above it doesn't matter if its long(look above for how to make it look short). I suggest alot of eyeliner for this one. Put on your most emo clothes or go all out and do a specific outfit(which would be awesome)! =D

Tips on looking like a guy: Darken your eyebrows and make them thicker(but realistickly), this helps alot. Use photoshop or paint to edit your boobs out(helps lol). And lastly pose like one!

Lastly, I will be going through the archives and removing extras and filler(maybe to a new page) so that they won't be cluttering up the comic pages =)
Well thats all for now! Check out the About page if you haven't already and watch the two hilarious videos on this page! Bye everyone! ^.~


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